Alpine Email

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Here are the steps to set up multiple IMAP accounts on Alpine email client: #

  1. Open Alpine email client on your Linux terminal. This can be done by typing "alpine" and pressing Enter.

  2. To add an IMAP account, use the "account add" command. For example, to add a Gmail IMAP account, type: account add gmail imap://

Replace and password with your actual Gmail IMAP username and password.

  1. To set up multiple accounts, you need to configure different "roles" for each account. A role contains the IMAP settings for an account.

To create a role, use the "role add" command. For example, to add a role for your Gmail account: role add gmail imap://

  1. Assign the roles to your accounts using the "account use" command. For example, to assign the "gmail" role to your Gmail account: account use gmail

  2. Repeat steps 2 to 4 to add more IMAP accounts and assign them different roles.

  3. To switch between accounts, simply use the "account use" command again and select the role of the account you want to access.

  4. All your emails will now be synchronized and accessible across the multiple IMAP accounts set up in Alpine. You can read, send and manage emails from all the accounts within the same Alpine session.